Anadora Lupo.

Spectacular, unconventional expressions of metal • Using unique metal bending techniques to bend conventions for mood enhancement

State of the art metal craft.

Following an in-depth study, exploring how different metal materials behave and imagining them in all shapes and sizes, we brought to life unique collections of functional design objects for homes, offices and outdoor spaces.

A huge part of our process involves playing logic with metal. We studied this material until we were impressed with the unique shape that emerged.

Aiming for spectacular, unconventional outcomes, we are driven by our artistic background and believe in transformative design that causes reaction and challenges behaviour. Usually, our products have a sculptural look with vibrant pops of color and playful textures, as a result of our design thinking process and modernism enthusiasm.

Unconventional design thinking. Unique artistic touch beyond decoration and functionality. Hand-made, in-house, local production to meet worldwide high standards. Socially interactive product thinking

Bridging boutique designers around the world.