Premium built-in kitchen appliances • Because every journey starts at home

Gastronomy is a source of inspiration for people, and people are a source of inspiration for us. This is the fundamental principle behind NEFF's work. Our innovative products help you prepare mouth-watering food - whether we're talking about a four-course dinner or a dessert you can't get enough of - the NEFF kitchen is equipped for any kind of food.

NEFF is always on the lookout for new ways to make cooking, baking, washing dishes and refrigerating food more creative. The result? Kitchen appliances with clever details, exclusively from NEFF.

Slide&Hide®. TwistPadFire®. NEFF's two unique characteristics.

Our unique Slide&Hide® door hides perfectly under the oven, to make more space for creativity.

The intuitive control system TwistPadFire® for all cooking zones with a simple touch of the removable magnetic button.

Bridging boutique designers around the world.