Dominic Vîrtosu.

Painting on canvas • An artist fearless with metaphors creating unique artworks with a funky twist

The artist focuses on integrating the paradox of image representation vs. pure painting in his jungle and cactus series of works. His style merged the two directions into an organic vivid mix in which color and subject matter are unified and produce an exceptionally powerful image. Each work becomes its own unique path and requires its own technical solutions – both plein-air and works of fantasy become unified in style. As an emerging artist with a confirmed international trajectory, Dominic Vîrtosu has journeyed along an eclectic professional path and has created complex compositions, often developed using image manipulation software and then painted with meticulous care on the surface of the canvas. An array of flamboyant characters and surreal situations present themselves with the most relevant element being the depth of space.

Bridging boutique designers around the world.