Dragoș Dogaru.

Multidisciplinary designer • Hands on approach to integrate all aspects of interactive and user customisable design, along with multi-functionality at the core of the design concept.

Design should be everywhere.

Good design, thorough to the last detail.

Collaborative, innovative, differentiated, consumer relevant and simplified design. Design for all.

Romanian designer with a studio based in Bucharest, passionate about graphic, product & architectural design. Graduate of Romanian and Danish mechanical and technological engineering studies, relies on a multidisciplinary approach bringing together a line of products from lamp design (Cuplo™ Nude collection) and furniture design (PLAYSTRAP™ modular sofa collection) to graphic and textile design (#opartdeco design knitts 2021).

Dragoș Dogaru aims for a consistent design approach, in a playfully geometric inspiration, with surprising colors, textures and shapes.

Bridging boutique designers around the world.