Concrete furniture • A stylish alternative to standard furniture

From sculpture to concrete furniture.

With a past experience of 10 years in the field of sculpture and props for theatre and film, where we worked on very diverse projects with many different materials, from 2020 we dared to step into the field of concrete furniture.

Concrete is a wonderful material that can take any shape, and we know shapes best. We integrated very naturally and easily this project that developed with a lot of passion. To the question of whether concrete is hard, we can now answer flatly, NO!.

After a lot of research and trying recipes, we arrived at a concrete composite that can be cast thinner and more resistant, so the resulting pieces are up to 70% lighter.

From now on, concrete furniture is not only intended for outdoor spaces, but can also be successfully used indoors, weighing as much as solid wood furniture. It is also a durable material which makes it sustainable in the long term.

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