Effortless clothing • Special clothing for kids and women

We are NININA and we were born in 2014, from a spark of an idea of a young mother eager to change mentalities regarding the aesthetics of children's fashion.

Our capsule collections mostly contain clothing for little girls up to those for teenagers, but lately we have shyly developed the line for boys, babies and mothers. The fabrics used are only premium natural: cotton, linen and hemp fabrics (mostly Romanian), in a mix of nostalgic and current style, in simple colours without prints but with minimalist embroideries.

NININA tries to be more about a lifestyle than fashion trends, about creativity and the free spirit of childhood, about giving courage to our little ones to be who they want to be, in the lightness of the simple and durable clothing, which enhance their beauty by wearing them.

Bridging boutique designers around the world.