Primitiv Plants.

Curated nature for interiors and exteriors • Perennial gardens, green balconies and terraces with pots

Primitive is a guide, a helper, a curator of plants for inside and outside.

Although it may feel like working with perennials has always been with us, it is actually going through some sort of revolution now. Things are moving quite quickly, the emphasis is shifting from cut plants, such as bouquet flowers, to pots. Technology and genetics have evolved and new varieties of indoor and garden plants are now being produced at a very fast pace. Plants that used to grow only in certain areas are adapted through genetic modification to almost all environments. Here is where Primitiv Plants come into play. We give you information, we show you what you can do with plants and we make projects for you. There is a lot of information and you need a structure and someone to advise you.

Primitiv Plants shows you what's trendy in terms plants and above all gives you the opportunity to have them yourself.

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