SANA Candles.

Premium candles with olfactory intelligence • Candles that ignite emotions

SANA • designing emotions is about taking a mental journey, finding inspiration, finding yourself, and feeling at home wherever you are. It is the perfect gift for everyone who wants to escape sensorially, whether they play, work, or relax.

We have always loved to hear and fulfil wishes and to offer long overdue and unique fragranced products. We developed our own recipes using fine raw materials, free from animal testing and vegan-friendly. In all our collections we use reusable glass containers or recycled aluminum bottles.

We put all our efforts into stimulating the visual, the hearing, the olfactive, and even the tactile senses. We have reunited them all through more than a simple fragranced candle business. We started a movement.

Bridging boutique designers around the world.