Sumerudart Paintings.

Radu Remus Romeo, born in '80 in Bac─âu is self-taught in the field of fine arts.

I don't have a favorite theme and no favorite technique. I experimented with engraving, drawing, watercolor, modelling, sculpture (marble and wood), but for now I stopped at painting (oil and sometimes acrylic).

My works are generally static, they illustrate objects, which I like to exhaust. I squeeze their content until I reach their essence without minimising their form. I always imagine the finality of a work but along the way I always find new plastic forms of expression and I like that. I have some expectations, but the end is always different, much richer in content than I initially plan.

I like to make series on different themes and yet I don't want to keep my own style or maybe I'm deceiving myself."

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